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Reliable and durable cooking equipment.
Royal Range is a California-based company, which focuses on the integrity of the design and of the structure of its equipment. Royal Range’s mission is to produce and offer quality products which are reliable and durable, at an affordable price. In addition to offering custom-made ranges and broilers, Royal has over 500 models of ranges, fryers, broilers, griddles, stock pots, convection ovens and other specialized equipment. With a two year warranty on parts and labour, Royal offers the best price-quality ratio on the market.



Available standard or in high efficiency.


  • RFT (standard). 25, 40, 50, 60 and 75 lbs capacities.
  • RHEF (high efficiency). 45 lbs capacity.


Available standard or custom made (combination ranges).

  • Deeper back burner to accommodate 13’’ stock pots.
  • Fully welded front rail, level with top grates to easily slide pots and pans.
  • Many combinations available.
  • Open base for storage or oven.


Available on a range or countertop sizes.


  • RSB (Salamander)
  • RCM (Cheesemelter)
  • RRB, RSRB (Radiant broiler)
  • RARB (Steakhouse broiler)
  • RIB (Infrared broiler)
  • RCB (Char rock broiler)

Convection ovens

Available in gas or electric, standard or bakery depth (deeper for bun pans).


  • RCOS, RCOS-D (gas)
  • RECO, RECO-D (electric)


Many models and sizes available.


  • RTG, RSTG : Thermostatic griddle
  • RMG, RSMG : Manual griddle
  • RTY : Teppan-Yaki griddle (Japanese-style cooking)
  • RSAC : Snap action griddle

Countertop equipment

Available in gas only.

  • RHP (Hot plate)
  • RSP (Stock pot)
  • RMJ (wok)

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