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New Air offers merchandising solutions to meet all of your refrigeration needs on a daily basis.

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Glass Door Merchandisers

Glass door refrigerators ideal for storing beverages.

  • NGR-036-H
  • NGR-068-H
  • NGR-40-S
  • NGR-48-S
  • NGR-115-S

Refrigerated Display Cases

Ideal for displaying beverages, cakes and other dishes.

  • NDC-010-RD
  • NDC-040-SS
  • NDC-078-SS
  • NDC-014-CG
  • NDC-017-CG
  • NDC-014-SG
  • NDC-019-SG
  • NDC-013-CD
  • NDC-016-CD

Heated Display Cases

Ideal for pizza slices and pies.

  • NDC-013-HT
  • NDC-016-HT

Stainless Steel Refrigerators

Stainless steel refrigerator lineup.

  • NSR-050-H
  • NSR-115-H

Stainless Steel Freezers

Stainless steel freezer lineup.

  • NSF-050-H
  • NSF-115-H

Ice Cream Freezers

Ideal for showcasing your frozen treats.

  • NIF-24-CG
  • NIF-35-CG
  • NIF-49-CG
  • NIF-55-CG
  • NIF-41-FG
  • NIF-50-FG
  • NIF-60-FG
  • NIF-41-DC
  • NIF-50-DC
  • NIF-60-DC
  • NIF-32-CG
  • NIF-61-CG

Chef Base

Designed to support your small and medium equipment.

  • NCB-036-SS
  • NCB-052-SS

Salad/Sandwich prep table

Salad and sandwich prep table lineup available in 4 sizes.

  • NPT-029-SA
  • NPT-048-SA
  • NPT-060-SA
  • NPT-072-SA

Pizza prep table

Pizza prep tables available in 3 sizes.

  • NPT-044-PI
  • NPT-070-PI
  • NPT-090-PI

Glass door freezers

Glass door freezers ideal for displaying your frozen products.

  • NGF-054-H
  • NGF-122-H
  • NGF-182-H

Undercounter refrigerators

Stainless steel undercounter refrigerator lineup available in 3 sizes.

  • NUR-029-SS
  • NUR-048-SS
  • NUR-060-SS
  • NUR-072-SS

Undercounter freezers

Stainless steel undercounter freezers available in 3 sizes.

  • NUF-029-SS
  • NUF-048-SS
  • NUF-060-SS
  • NUF-072-SS

Back Bars

Glass and solid door back bars.

  • NBB-60-SB

Display Case

Gravity coil refrigerated display case

  • NDC-018-CG

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