Electric convection ovens.

Italian style cooking meets easy Italian cooking.

Italian cuisine is not only the ability to create world renowned dishes; it is, above all, the evolution of an art made up of experience, creativity and professionalism. Tecnoeka has always respected these values in the production of its ovens which are developed around concepts of design and ease of use.

High technology, reliability and performance make it possible to obtain food in tune with the naturalness of healthy eating, which is becoming more important for the modern informed consumer.

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Electric Convection Ovens

Half Size - 3 & 4 pans

  • 312 Series
  • 412 Series

Full size - 4 pans

  • 464 Series

Full size - 5 & 6 pans

  • 564 Series
  • 664 Series

Full size - 8 & 10 pans

  • 864 Series
  • 1064 Series

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