Distex Water Treatment


Water filtration systems.
Water is a key ingredient in most kitchen applications and its quality has a significant impact on the performance of your equipment and appliances. This is why the Distex Water Treatment specifically-designed water filtration system fits all of your needs and maximizes the lifetime of your equipment. The easy to install wall-mount kit offers multi-stage filtration for high quality water, while reducing sediments, taste, odour, chlorine and scale.

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Distex Water Treatment


  • IG and IGNC for ice machines
  • IG and IGNC for ice machines up to 750lbs/day
  • VG for fountains (soft drinks)
  • BG for hot beverage equipment (coffee makers, percolators)
  • EG for espresso machines, combi ovens and proofers
  • CORO for proofers and combi ovens
  • MG for multiple applications

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