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Distex' demo and discontinued items have been used as demonstration pieces or have been discontinued by the manufacturer. Don't miss out on these quality items at discounted prices! Please be advised that our inventory is constantly changing –for more information and the most updated inventory list, please call: 514-382-3620 ext. 111

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Single and double door as well as undercounter refrigerators, in a variety of sizes

  • New Air NGR-036-H
  • New Air NGR-48-S


Single and double door as well as undercounter freezers, in a variety of sizes

  • Turbo Air MUF-28


Electric and gas ranges

  • Royal Range RRE-4
  • Royal Range RRE-6
  • Royal Range RR4-G12L-LPG
  • Royal Range RR-6


  • Royal Range RFT-50
  • Royal Range RFT-60


Electric, conveyor and pizza ovens

  • Tecnoeka EKFA-664EUD-208-3
  • Tecnoeka EKFA-412DALUD-208-1
  • Tecnoeka EKFA-312S-120-1
  • Tecnoeka EKFA-412AL-208-1
  • Tecnoeka EKFA-464DALUD-208-1
  • Tecnoeka EKFA-312S-208-1
  • Tecnoeka EKFA-312UD-208-1
  • Tecnoeka EKFA-664EUD-208-3
  • Tecnoeka EKFA-864EUD-208-3
  • Middleby Marshall DZ-33I
  • Middleby Marshall PS-638G
  • Effeuno P634WE
  • Royal Range RECO-1-240V

Display Cases

Refrigerated and heated display cases

  • New Air NDC-013-SV
  • New Air NDC-040-SS
  • New Air NDC-019-SG
  • New Air NDC-014-CG
  • New Air NDC-017-CG
  • New Air NCC-36-SS
  • New Air NCC-48-SS
  • New Air NOM-40-S
  • New Air NOM-52-S
  • New Air NDC-018-CG
  • New Air NDC-078-SS
  • New Air NDC-016-CD
  • New Air NDC-014-SG
  • New Air NDC-013-HT
  • New Air NDC-016-HT
  • New Air NDC-010-RD

Prep Tables

Sandwich and pizza prep tables

  • New Air NPT-072-SA

Ice Cream Freezers

  • New Air NIF-35-CG
  • New Air NIF-49-CG
  • New Air NIF-55-CG

Back Bars & Chef Bases

Refrigerated beverage cases and chef bases

  • New Air NBB-060-SB
  • New Air NCB-52-SS

Broilers & Griddles

  • Royal Range RKTB-24
  • Royal Range RKTB-30
  • Royal Range RKTB-36
  • Royal Range RTG-36
  • Royal Range RRB-24


Sinks for a variety of needs

  • Thorinox THS-AF
  • Thorinox TSS-2424-0
  • Thorinox TMS-2126-10
  • Thorinox TTS-2424-RL24
  • Thorinox TTS-2424-R24
  • Thorinox TTS-2424-L24
  • Thorinox TTS-2424-RL24

Dish Tables

  • Thorinox TSDT-3048-L
  • Thorinox TSDT-3072-R
  • Thorinox TSDT-3072-L

Work Tables

  • Thorinox DSST-3060-SQ
  • Thorinox DSST-3072-SQ

Racks & Stands

  • Thorinox DRACK-1018-ALUNB
  • Thorinox DRACK-0718-ALUNB
  • Thorinox DRACK-1215-ALUWB
  • Thorinox DRACK-1018-ALUWB
  • Thorinox DRACK-2018-Z
  • Thorinox TOS-3235-SS

Sushi Cases

European style refrigerated sushi display cases with curved glass and sliding glass doors

  • OHO-2000-R


  • Utility Cart TPC-2440-SS
  • 2 Tier Utility Cart TUC-0236-SS
  • 3 Tier Utility Cart TUC-0336-SS

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