Frequently Asked Questions

Ice Machines

Question: How do I determine how much ice I need in my restaurant or establishment? 

Answer: Read this Sizing Guide which explains how to calculate your ice needs according to the type of establishment, as well as the type of ice which is best suited for your usage.

Question: Is it really necessary to install a water filter on my ice machine?

Answer: Yes, it is highly recommended, as water quality varies from one location to another. Without a water filter, you will have to clean your ice machine more frequently and your machine may not last as long or it will require major repairs, caused by impurities in the water. Read the following Guide to determine which filter best suits your ice machine.


Stainless Steel

Question: How can I prevent rust on my stainless steel equipment?

Answer: Here is a list of things you can do to properly maintain your stainless steel pieces.

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